Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Unnamed Government Official

This is who I am.
That is who I was.

That was yesterday.
This is tomorrow.

Don't ask me to explain.

Do not look behind the curtain.
Do not expect reparation.

Who do you think
you are dealing with?

I told you. I am not
the man you thought I was.

I am different than that,
Better. Stronger. More sincere.

The new me would never
think of calling you

names. Or telling you
what to think.

Think about it.
Would you rather

live with  yesterday's monster
or take your chances

with what I claim
tomorrow will be?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Tattooed Heart

I am no good
at asking
for giveness
or anything
my tattooed heart

already have
an excuse for.
The heart has to
put up with a lot
it doesn’t like
which is why
we keep it

deep down
where pride
and several other
vanities tell it stories
we would be ashamed of
were they true. But

or just dumb,

I come to you now
with what’s left
and offer you this:

take whatever
is good, whatever
is of value in these
veins & muscles
and make of them
something useful
which is all

I ever wanted

to give
to you.