Sunday, October 28, 2018

Flappy Bird

it moves
up & down.

Its only
to avoid

the very real

to get
in its way.
The fundamental

human dilemma
of desire
vs. reality

in eighty-nine seconds
(give or take)

before starting over
right where you

Illustré (awl)

The most primitive tool on earth: a stick
sharpened at one end, blunt at the other.
To be struck by a hammer, the second
most primitive tool. Someone added a handle
and someone else forged it from steel
and bent the tip slightly
to reach those out of the way spots
the original neanderthal
had not considered. Evolving
into today's model: sleek, efficient
and barely recognizable
from its progenitors, the stick
and the hand from which it came.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Reading

There are dark spots on the map.
You don't have to stare at them.
You don't have to steer
into oncoming traffic
or towards the bridge abuttment.
Avoid the one last elm tree
next to the deserted road.
Don't drive so fast
into the curve you know
is dangerous. No.
Go to the mall. Somewhere
colorful, crowded, and well-lit.
Read a favorite book.
Listen to a record you keep
for just such occasions as this.
Sit quietly in your house
with all the lights on,
hoping no one finds you.
Hoping someone,